Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Red Bull Project

There have been many posts on this blog this year where I have said, I haven't posted up here for a while... but I really haven't!!

This is mainly because I have been working on my Industry Exercises project that I have been documenting on a separate blog.  It has been going pretty well though, if you look, you will see that I am in the process of putting together another showreel; as well as a fully packaged DVD which reflects my professional image.  I have also been working on a third year film called "Snatched" and I have animated a free falling animation sequence.  But if you want to learn more about that, visit my Industry Exercises blog,

Anyway, in this post, I would like to introduce you all to my first summer project.  This is going to be Red Bull's Canimation competition which is going to involve producing a short animated piece that advertises the drink, Red Bull.  There is a prize of £500 and the opportunity to get my work in the cinema, if I win.

I already have a fairly good idea for this Red Bull animation and it is based entirely around the concept of Concentration and Focus.  It came during a discussion we had about the project in uni and we were talking about focusing our ideas and keeping them simple when coming up with animation for advertising.  I instantly remembered a very clever video I saw which involved the viewer paying attention to one thing, but not something else.  Here it is:

I would really like to do something which involves colourful shapes passing a ball around and then a Red Bull can dancing in the background, and it is up to the viewer to find that Red Bull can; with the underlying message being; Red Bull keeps you focused

I will, however, do my research and develop this idea further.  Not only do I need to focus on this project, but I also need to develop a short film idea for the third year, which I am finding tricky at the moment.

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