Friday, 16 April 2010

Animatic for Character Animation, plus sketches

I have been studying each pose that Jim Carrey makes in my chosen extract and I have sketched out the key ones so I can pose the character rig accordingly in the final character animation. I have also tried exaggerating the pose in some of my sketches to give my character more appeal.

Click on an image to enlarge

I used the thumbnail images above to make an animatic, so I could plan out how the character will move around the scene. In this animatic, I also thought about camera shots and camera movements and I have put in occasional indications of what the camera will be doing. The sketches are very crude in this video, but I feel I have captured the poses well and given them some exaggeration as well.

Monday, 12 April 2010

"Oh, there is just one more thing, lieutenant!"

I have just finished my first lip syncing test with some of the dialogue from my chosen clip. I filmed myself saying the line, "Oh there is just one more thing lieutenant!" from the film Ace Ventura, and I used that as reference to animate the Moom rig.
Here is the video of me saying the line...
And here is the video of the character I animated saying the line...

I think I did well with the lip syncing, although it is a little exaggerated and over the top compared to my live action clip. I also had a lot of jerking head movement towards the beginning which needs to be made slower and smoother. However, I am pleased with the movement of the eyes and eyebrows as they move well with the dialogue, particularly towards the end as he says, "lieu-ten-ant"

I still need to do sketching to plot out each pose at each point within the dialogue sequence. And also animate the rest of the dialogue in Maya.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

First lip sync test

Using the help of a lecture I had on lip syncing today, I have just animated my first lip sync test, using a piece of sound that was given to me. I am rather pleased with how it has turned out, considering this is the first time that I have properly lip synced a character in Maya. This seems like it could be an easy exercise if I do it some more, but it may become challenging when I come to animating the Ace Ventura dialogue.