Saturday, 29 May 2010

Plans for the summer?

First of all, I finally finished my character animation about a week ago.  I decided to add two characters to the animation; the second one being the lieutenant as she was originally going to be an offscreen character. I also learnt a lot about stepped and and flat tangents and how they can make the animation smoother rather than just angular and shaky. The problem with many of my earlier CG animations was that I neglected the Graph editor, which meant that my animation would be very rigid; but I brushed up on my knowledge of the graph editor during this unit.

I've just finished my first year of uni, and because we have a really long holiday, I've decided to plan out my time so I don't forget everything I've learnt in the past year, and also so I can develop a speciality.  I've written up my plans for the summer, using the Stickies program on my laptop.

I've been trying to get hold of some work experience, and I have also looked into life drawing classes, so I can improve my drawing skills, because that is one of the main things I want to get out of my course.  As for CGI stuff, I'm considering taking part in next month's 11 second club competition as this will test my character animation skills; and I also want to do another walk cycle and maybe an animation of a character running.

I have also recently begun following a facial modelling tutorial, with not much success; so I will need to try and follow that again.   I have also found out that if I am going to do character animation, I will need an intermediate understanding of rigging, so I will need to read up on rigging and become confident in this.

I shall be posting up any animation/modelling/drawing that I do over the summer.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Life drawing- 3rd term

For my assessment, here is some of the best work I have done for life drawing over the third term. I have worked using various techniques, such as drawing with my left hand, as well as experimenting with adding tone to my work. I have still been trying to improve the proportion in my work and also working under various time scales.

To view a drawing in full size, just click on it.

30 second-1 minute sketches; using left hand and right hand;

10 minute-25 minute sketches;

15-25 minute tonal drawings