Saturday, 30 July 2011

Great news!!

So, the Red Bull idea that I proposed in the previous post never got off the ground, which is sad as I had a good idea.  It didn't take off because I had too much work to do and could not focus on any side projects for that time and I had a very tight deadline to complete the project.

Anyway, there is no use kicking myself over it as I have two lots of terrific news to share with you all :D

First of all, I have recently learnt that I passed my Foundation Degree with an A- grade, meaning that I have achieved a DISTINCTION overall.  I was only one of two people to achieve that result so I am really happy about that.  Now, I just have the third year ahead of me in September, which is going to involve coming up with a final film idea, as well as writing up my dissertation.  The latter of which I am really dreading!!  Largely because I am worried about how I am going to manage my time doing the research and writing it up and also I am worried in case it overshadows other more animation-based projects.

As for the final film idea, I am trying to come up with a GOOD idea that the tutors will choose to go into production; I always liked the idea of being a director.  The first idea I had was centred around a boy watching TV, but his remote control starts taking charge of things around him and it ultimately deploys nuclear missiles.  I am tempted to ditch the idea, largely because I know how it will start and finish, but I am not sure how to keep it consistently funny throughout.

Another loose idea I have is to have two characters competing against one another with different musical instruments.   An idea I have is to have it set in medieval times and the characters are trying to practice their respective medieval instruments (lutes, etc.) and eventually one of them decides enough is enough and builds a Flying V guitar and freaks the other out with his guitar shredding.  I like this idea slightly better but I am worried in case it is TOO similar to the Pixar short, One Man Band.  There is also a very funny Looney Tunes cartoon called Long Haired Hare in which an tenor is trying to rehearse but can't concentrate because Bugs Bunny continuously plays an irritating song on various musical instruments, each of which is consecutively smashed by the tenor who confronts Bugs.

I am hoping to find some more concept ideas through doodling (I'll post up some sketches that I have been doing in a later post) but I have also been watching work on the site Aniboom for inspiration; there are really some genius pieces of work on there and they are all done by people like me; students and up-and-coming animators.

Second bit of good news is that I have just launched a mobile phone version of my site:

So far, it has an uncategorised gallery of all the drawings that you can see on the computer version of my site, as well as a link to my Showreel.  I have not put up any other animated work, as the tool I used is not capable to creating a page with various links to videos.  The website also has a link so you can email me or follow me on twitter directly.  Anyway, I'd be happy if you tested it out and let me know what you think.

In the mean time, I have been following a tutorial by Josh Johnson in this month's issue of 3D World on how to animate a bullet going through an apple.  It mostly involves using morphing to animate the breaking of the apple, but I will post it up once it is complete.  I'll also post up any more short film ideas that I come up with.

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