Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ace Ventura

I have now decided that the dialogue I will be using in my Character Animation piece will be from this scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

I chose this scene because the dialogue is very colourful and often changes dramatically from one tone of voice to another; this will be good for conveying a range of poses and dramatic changes between each pose when animating a model. The scene is also very funny and over the top, which will work well when considering the basic principles of animation, namely Exaggeration, Appeal and Staging.

The only thing about this scene is that it will be quite complicated to animate and may need to be broken down into smaller parts. However, if I carry this out well, I will effectively demonstrate my ability to convey a range of moods and character within animation.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Character Animation Project: Research

I am pretty pleased with all the grades that I got back for my last few projects and now I have a new unit to do on Character Animation. This is going to involve taking a piece of dialogue from an existing source (i.e. film, tv series, stand-up comedy, etc), preferably one with only one or two characters, and then animate a rig to this piece of dialogue.

It looks like it will be fun and will test my performance skills and how effectively I can apply them to animation.

Here are a few video clips of source material that I am considering choosing for this project:

"San Dimas High school Football Rules!" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...

Eddie Izzard- British Movies vs. US Movies...

Father Ted- Ted's explanation of how the whistle got stolen around 22:01 minutes in at

The Inbetweeners- Will insults Neil's Dad between 11:24 and 11:45 minutes:

Ace Ventura- Sliding door scene:

Dara O' Brian- Catholic and Protestant Mixed Marriage:

Trainspotting- Spud in a job interview while on speed:

Austin Powers 2- Austin is depressed to realise that his wife, Vanessa is a fembot, until he realises he's single again, "Oh behave!" This can be found right at the beginning of this video:

I am also considering working in a group, as one of the targets I have set myself in order to improve my employability is to gain more experience in team work. I have listed some videos which I could use if I choose to work with someone else:

Father Ted- Dougal trying to persuade Ted to watch Aliens-

Bottom- "Hello Mr. Gasman!"-

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Life drawing

Here are some of the life drawings that I have done over this term. I have used a range of drawing methods to capture the model, as well as improving on skills such as capturing perspective and proportion accurately. I have also been drawing under time scales ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Final 3D walk

Here is the video for the final 3D walk cycle. I used the packman rig to animate the walk. I also used this video and the Erik Westlund tutorial as reference. Forgive the poor quality, I'm not sure what thats about...