Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Easter project

I haven't posted on this particular blog in quite a while, largely because my course wants me to devolve my blogging to a few unit-specific blogs.  I have since been trying to figure out a purpose for this blog and I have decided that I will use it to document my more personal projects and interests.

I have recently finished two units; one which involved producing a tutorial on UV Mapping and the other was a short film that I worked on within a group and demonstrated various skills in Post Production.  Both of these projects came out really well and I was very satisfied with them both.

Now I am on my break from uni until 18th April and I need something to keep me occupied until then.  I have recently heard about the EStings, an annual competition run by E4.  For the competition, I will need to create a 10 second break bumper or ident for E4, either animated or live action.  E4 is known for its surreal promotions, so I can really use my imagination when putting together a piece for the competition, just so long as it has the E4 logo in it.
The ESting will have to be exactly 10 seconds long, so that means I have 250 frames to work with.  I want this to be original so I will start by sketching a few ideas that I have around the E4 logo.  I must have this done by 1st July, but I will aim to have it done by May, if I can.