Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Adding more textures to the set decoration

In this post, I shall talk you through the texturing of the set that Perri decorated.  She had added in some new terrain, so it was up to me to go in to the scene and amend some of the UV maps.

When I opened the scene, I discovered that a lot of the geometry had not been smoothened and there were some new trees/rocks which had not been previously handed to me for texturing.  This meant that I needed to go in and texture a whole load of new models, when I could have just textured once before hand and given them to the set decorator to duplicate.

I imported several of my textures, and then went around the scene and applied them to various rocks and trees.  I largely used Spherical Mapping to texture the rocks on the flat surface as they were more three dimensional.  As for the rocks along the edge of the shore, I used planar mapping as these would only be visible from one angle.
Although it wasn't really my job, but seen as I know a few tricks in Maya, I smoothened some of the terrain in the scene and extruded some of the faces to tidy it up and make it all fit together.

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