Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Thumbnails and ideas for 11 second project

I've been sketching some poses for each bit of the dialogue and I have also been coming up with scenarios for the animation.

The first idea that i have come up with is to have a man trying to listen to something on the other side of the wall with a glass, while the more authoritative woman stands over him.
I've sketched another set of thumbnails for this idea, where he down on his hands and knees with the glass, this is on the top half of the image below.
On the bottom half of the image, I have thumbnailed another idea, in which the man holding a torch is leading the woman through a forest/cave/cellar and when the woman asks, "What noise?", he stops, turns around and says, "You know the..." and then breathing heavily. This idea would make the background wind more relevant within the scene and give it some atmosphere.

Another idea that I have, which I quite like is to have a quack doctor trying to listen to a patient's heart with a stethoscope before commenting that it doesn't make "the noise" and then describing what noise it should be making, before being corrected by the patient who states, "Its doesn't make that noise". The thumbnails for this idea are pictured below.
The only downside with this idea is that the dialogue is accompanied by the sound of wind, and this would seem odd and out of place in this scenario.

I'll try and come up with some more ideas and maybe do some more studies of poses as well as facial expressions, and then post them up here.

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