Tuesday, 1 June 2010

11 Second Club

The new 11 second club competition begins today, and I've just checked out the sound that I will be animating around. This dialogue that I have got sounds like this:

"It didn't make the noise!"

"What noise?"

"You know the... [breathing in and out]"

"It's not supposed to make that noise"

I believe that it is originally from a Doctor Who episode, but I'm not sure which one.

I have already got a fair idea of the performance of the characters in this piece, but I'm still thinking about what kind of scenario I could put my characters in. One idea I have is for them to be in a cave or forest with a torch and they are listening out for something. Another idea is for them both to be listening out for something by putting an empty glass up to the wall.

I'll do some thumbnail images for the poses of both characters and also some storyboarding to work out the scenario. I'll post it up here as I do it.

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