Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I've just completed my submission for the 11 second club competition this June. I have animated all the poses for the doctor and the patient character. I also managed to finish modelling and rigging the stethoscope, although I'm still not entirely satisfied with the outcome. Overall, I feel quite pleased with the poses in this piece, although I don't think I will be working with the Blake or the Nimo rigs again.

The competition closes around the beginning of July, at which point you can start voting for the submissions, so I shall let you know when the time comes ;)

Other than the 11 second club, I have also recently enrolled in life drawing classes at Lewisham Art House. I have also been doing some sketches for some character designs, as well as reading up on drawing of cartoons and caricatures; because I also want to take my drawing further.

I think the next step for July is to develop my understanding of rigging as this is a core skill for an animator. Mike sent out an email suggesting that we practice our rigging by designing a character, and then modelling and rigging it. I think this would be a good exercise to take on, as I am not so good at modelling in Maya and this will improve my ability to apply my designs and creativity to my CG animation work.

After I've worked on rigging, I think I will try making another dialogue or action driven animation piece, either a short film or another 11 second club entry.

I am also up for working on group projects with any animators, so if anyone is interested, give me a shout ;)

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