Thursday, 25 February 2010

First successful attempt at fully rigging a human character

I have just spent the day producing my first fully rigged character model in Maya using a tutorial. Here is a picture:
The tutorial taught me how to properly rig a character with a full skeleton, along with IK Handles in the legs and feet; and also locators in the knees. I also put in controllers so I could move the joints in the legs and also to move the ROOT joint (the joint found in the crotch that links all of the other joints).

I did not put IK Handles in the arms as that was not in the tutorial; however, I feel confident that I would be able to put IK Handles in the arms if I needed to.

The tutorial gave me confidence in rigging a model, because I remember in the past that I used to always run into problems when trying to rig characters and I used to hate rigging.

I also made this basic animation of the character moving; I may also try animating the character walking at some point.

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