Monday, 4 February 2013

To This Day animation segment... done

Yep!  The animation that I was producing for the "To This Day" project has been completed and a week ahead of schedule.  I think it looks really good and I am really pleased that I managed to get it done against all the odds.  I am not going to upload it yet as I would like you all to see it as part of the final piece but I am happy with how it looks and I spent a lot of time perfecting the colour schemes in each part of the piece, as well as applying a few effects in after effects to give it a foggy atmosphere.

I am really looking forward to seeing the final product in a few weeks time and I will be sure to put it up here when it's done.

As well as animating for this project, I have been actively working on getting my foot in the industry.  I had an interview for an internship at a creative agency called Superhero on Friday which went very well; it was my first job interview for a role within the creative industry so I feel that it was a giant leap towards getting to where I want to get.  When I entered the building on Goodge Street, I immediately got a good vibe about the company.  The two guys who interviewed me were very friendly and asked me a range of questions about my work (including the To This Day project) as well as how I normally go about planning and putting together creative projects.  I found myself hesitating a lot as I was thinking about what to say but I think I gave adequate enough answers.  Perhaps I could have come across as more of a generalist though as my CV and portfolio clearly gave away that I aspire to be an animator.

As well as this Superhero interview, I also have another interview this Wednesday at...believe it or not... Framestore!  This interview is for a casual Runner position and I would be doing around 1 to 5 shifts each week.  I have already started preparing for it by asking some old uni friends who work at Framestore about typical questions that they ask and I have started researching the company so I know what they are about, as well as some of their current projects.  One piece of advice I was given was to "Be Confident", this will definitely be a challenge for me but I feel that if I am friendly with them and show myself to be a professional individual, the interview should go down well.

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