Wednesday, 3 October 2012

11 Second Club. Take Two.

So my previous attempt at the 11 second club got pushed to the wayside and was not completed.  This is mainly because I got caught up in other projects, which are fairly exciting.  The first of which is a film called Minotaur which I have been doing some 2D Character Animation for over the past few weeks and is currently in post production.  The second is an animated web series that I am currently developing with two university friends and I shall post more details about as and when I can.

In the mean time, I have decided to enter this month's 11 second club and to make sure that I complete this one.  I have already got quite a strong concept here and I have done some sketching of some poses and camera shots and I have visualised it by putting together a 3D Animatic.  It does not look very exciting yet but here are the shots that I have worked out.

I originally had 7 shots but after having a look at this in Premiere Pro, I decided to remove one shot as I felt that the pacing was too quick.  Once I have started animating, I will have a better idea of the timing for each shot and I will be able to make more changes to the camera work if necessary.

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