Monday, 8 November 2010

ANI206 Digital Environments/Visual Studies

The next few posts that I will be putting up here will be related to what I doing for a particular unit at uni called Digital Environments/Visual Studies, as I will need to be marked on an individual basis. I will include research that I have done, as well as various tests in Maya; as well as finished pieces of work.

So far, it has been decided that we are going to produce Gary Ralphs' idea, which is an African Wilderness environment, largely based on the Serengeti that will feature a number of animals and will take place in the space of a day.

It has also been decided that I shall take on the jobs of Texturing and Rigging for the project. This will involve texturing the environment, creating the sky (particularly the sunlight at various times of the day), texturing and rigging the animals the will function within the African Wilderness environment.

Over the next few posts, I shall present various images, videos and photos as reference for our project; as well as tests in Maya. I will also still be sharing my research on the group's shared blog:

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