Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meet Bob

Over the past few weeks, I've been working at character modelling; as well as designing and rigging. For my next personal project, I decided to design my own character and model/rig it in maya.

I decided to use a character called Bob that I made up for a live action film project that I was working on about 3 years ago, but didn't really get underway because I couldn't find any actors. Here is a character design that I drew up so I could model Bob in Maya.
He is a boy of around 15 who is quite self-absorbed and lives an isolated existence in a garden shed. I used this sketch as the actual reference in Maya, so I could model the character.
I am pretty pleased with how the body turned out and I feel I managed to make a model that closely resembles the reference sketch that I drew up.
I managed to model his body in a day, but where I started having trouble was the head, which ended up taking about a week, because I kept having to redo it and I haven't quite got the hang of deleting edges to create a more organic shape.
After a few tries, I finally managed to model the face and then extrude the shape of the head, as well as delete the various edges to give it the smooth look.
I then textured the character and modelled his eyes, and gave them controls, and I also modelled and textured his hair. I then rigged the character and put in various controllers and locators.

I'm quite pleased overall with the character model, although i think he is very slim and a bit rigid at the sides. I'm also not completely satisfied with his head, as it still just looks like a polygon. His eyes work ok, but I still need to insert eyelids and also I need to learn about controls to make the mouth move.
One thing which I am glad about is that I managed to rig him successfully and I managed to do it mostly without using a tutorial, so I think I've acquired a basic knowledge on rigging (which I'll need to practice)

When I've finally mastered this rig, I might post him up so you can download and I'll also post up some animations.

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LaceWing said...

I love this guy James, he looks brilliant and I can't wait to see him further evolve. X