Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Here's something a little different

This post has nothing to do with my animation work, but I have just been working on a poster for a Take Back Parliament campaign to promote the Alternative Vote system in this country.

I have produced three versions for my poster idea; they all have the exact same words, but with different font faces and different backgrounds. Click on the images below to view each version of the poster full size.
Please let me know what if you think the poster looks better with a white background or a purple background. Also please let me know which poster you think has the best font face, and also if you think of any other fonts that might work with this.

If you can think of any improvements that I could make to the wording of this poster, please let me know by commenting on this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea, but you should probably restrict it to stuff you can plausibly defend. AV won't stop lies, broken promises, scandal or spin. It will (mostly) stop safe seats and votes that count for nothing. Restricting it to those two will also make it punchier.

Of the 3 shown, I prefer the 2nd - the font is clearer and bolder, and although the purple background is slightly less clear than the white, with less text that shouldn't be a problem.

James said...

Ok, thank you for the feedback. I suppose that is true about AV not stopping lies/scandal/spin so I will try cutting that down to size.

Yeah, I've shown them to some people already and the 2nd seems to be the favourite.

Anonymous said...

Lies, broken promises, scandal & spin will be reduced by AV, in the same way that the moment Firefox came on the scene, internet browsers got a lot better.

Savage cuts is too partisan. Apart from that I like them.