Wednesday, 14 July 2010

146th place

I've just got back from Ireland and I've found that I finished 146th place out of a possible 158 for the 11 second club :/

The main criticism seemed to be that the poses were stiff and that I needed to push them further. This was a similar criticism that I got for the Character Animation, which was that my poses needed to have greater definition and detail to get it to industry standard.

I think my main focus now is to work on my Secondary Action and also Follow Throught/Overlapping Action, as I've looked at much of my character animation and I've found that I capture the essence of the pose but it looks too stiff as it lacks any secondary detail. I need to practice on this so my animation really feels more realistic and I will be able to make sure I don't let the computer decide how it turns out.

Another thing I need to make sure that I do is that I study the entire poses closely by acting it out, as I have found that I study facial expressions closely but that studying the entire poses had largely been neglected.

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