Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Character Animation Project: Research

I am pretty pleased with all the grades that I got back for my last few projects and now I have a new unit to do on Character Animation. This is going to involve taking a piece of dialogue from an existing source (i.e. film, tv series, stand-up comedy, etc), preferably one with only one or two characters, and then animate a rig to this piece of dialogue.

It looks like it will be fun and will test my performance skills and how effectively I can apply them to animation.

Here are a few video clips of source material that I am considering choosing for this project:

"San Dimas High school Football Rules!" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...

Eddie Izzard- British Movies vs. US Movies...

Father Ted- Ted's explanation of how the whistle got stolen around 22:01 minutes in at

The Inbetweeners- Will insults Neil's Dad between 11:24 and 11:45 minutes:

Ace Ventura- Sliding door scene:

Dara O' Brian- Catholic and Protestant Mixed Marriage:

Trainspotting- Spud in a job interview while on speed:

Austin Powers 2- Austin is depressed to realise that his wife, Vanessa is a fembot, until he realises he's single again, "Oh behave!" This can be found right at the beginning of this video:

I am also considering working in a group, as one of the targets I have set myself in order to improve my employability is to gain more experience in team work. I have listed some videos which I could use if I choose to work with someone else:

Father Ted- Dougal trying to persuade Ted to watch Aliens-

Bottom- "Hello Mr. Gasman!"-

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