Sunday, 16 January 2011

New unit + New blogs

I have now finished this Environmental Project that I have been documenting the past two months or so and the final outcome is this piece of animation that we are all proud of.

This is also available to view on the Animation page of my site, under the Collaborative work section.

Lately, I have been concentrating on the two new units for my second year; in particular the Post Production unit and I have recently formed a group with four other people on my course and we have called ourselves the Kash Kong Monkeys.  We got that name from by combining the names of parkour moves, seen as we are currently discussing making a piece involving parkour or freerunning (yes, they are two separate disciplines!)

This time, I won't be documenting the unit on this blog; instead, I will be documenting it on two separate blogs (one group, one individual) as that is how they want us to do it.  Here are the links: This is the group blog for the Kash Kong Monkeys, which all members of the group will be using for keeping in touch and sharing ideas. This is my individual blog, from which you will be able to follow my personal contributions to the project as it unfolds.  As of yet, it is empty, but I will soon start posting stuff up on there.

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