Saturday, 13 December 2008

Guitar meets Keyboard

Well, I've just finished the first term of college. So, I thought I'd post up my most recent piece of work; a really nice animation about a guitar who befriends a keyboard and starts a band. I also composed the music for it. Forgive the shit quality video,

Hope you enjoy...


A_Singh said...

how did you create this? just thinking sound levels might want tweeking

james said...

Well I created the backgrounds by taking photos around my college. The guitar and keyboard characters I made by taking photos of my instruments and then cutting and pasting parts of my face and body onto them.
I produced the animation in both Photoshop and After Effects and I then exported them to AVI files. I then edited the sound and video together in Adobe Premier.
Yeah, I still need to work on tweaking the levels of the dialogue and music so they both fit well together.